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Premium UK Education Consulting Service

Premium UK Education Consulting Service

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Fulcrum Education Service

UK Education Consultancy Service

Fulcrum Education Service (FES) is an education consultancy headquartered in Shenzhen China. We specialize in providing UK education consultation to Chinese students aged between 8-14 years old. with our professional knowledge and first-hand experience with top UK independent schools.

From tackling academic decisions to handling admission processes, it is our aim to bridge students to quality UK education. Our service includes consultation, tutorial, admission guidance and guardianship services.

Our team of consultants were all educated in the UK and we understand your needs。 We are fueled by our commitment to succeed in top independent schools around the UK。 Get in touch with us now for free consultation service。

One-Stop Service

FES provides a complete one-stop consultation service to students who intend to study in the UK that includes all-rounded consultation, dynamic training, admission guidance and local support。

Online Consultation

Contact No.
+86-0755-8276 1446
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